A visual exploration of how smell impacts our memory,
and takes us on uncontrollable journeys through our mind.

A hardbound publication with a complex underlying structure.
Threaded with elastic shirring thread to create different tensioned
pathways across the book.

This project presented the opportunity to play with light and shadow
within the book form.


This publication, in collaboration with Abby Sumner, looks into anger and the possibilities that it may have a positive impact on mental wellbeing, relationships and society.

Over 150 people answered a survey about what makes them angry with both serious , and the book features many direct quotes from
the responses and examines some of the common themes that arose.

Hardbound Risographed Book.


A typographical projection installation reflecting on the psychopathic nature of the character of HAL900 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Using two projectors to display two focal points, and projecting on to, and through a piece of fluorescent red perspex. The installation explores whether HAL can really feel fear, or if he is continuing to try to manipulate the situation.

Give and Take

Spiral bound book that looks into plastic surgery, which is
an extremely precise and creative surgical specialism.

The book features photography captured at a series of Surgical Training Courses that show the craft and precision of some of the techniques and tools of plastic surgery. 

The use of various paperstocks and materials within the book highlights the beauty that can be found which on the surface could
be a somewhat repulsive subject.

The Picture

A6 French Fold Hardbound Book
Perforated Pages with Screen Printed Gold Foil Details

A publication looking at the way the women of the golden
age of Hollywood were mistreated and abused.

Each page has a short biography of the featured actress,
in order to learn the full story the reader must tear through
her photograph to reveal the truth of their tragic life.